Suzanne Lacy’s Between the Door and the Street, presented by Brooklyn Museum & Creative Time

Saturday October 19, 4:30-6:30pm, Swati Khurana will participate in Suzanne Lacy’s Brooklyn Museum & Creative Time project “Between the Door and the Street” featuring over 300 activists and artists.

From the curatorial statement: “Between the Door and the Street takes place in Brooklyn, where hundreds of women (and a sprinkling of men) will gather on beautiful brownstone stoops and in entry courtyards of Park Place, in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, for conversations about some of the critical issues confronting women today. The audience will act as a listening voyeur, piecing together the strands of a complicated narrative coming from this intergenerational group, which includes young girls, gay and straight men, activists, heads of feminist journals, preachers, and many others in a vast cross section of contemporary life. While the conversations will be about women, perhaps even feminism (though that term is controversial), some of the topics that will be discussed, like immigration, labor, and poverty, may not typically be viewed as ‘women’s issues.’ They nonetheless have very powerful and specific impacts on women’s lives.”

About the Project

The Full Participant List

Between the Door and the Street

Between the Door and the Street

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