SAWCC presents “Sublime”

Come to get a text message immortalized by Swati Khurana at DUMBO Arts Festival, as SAWCC presents “Sublime” featuring projects by Monica Jahan Bose, Ruby Chishti, Anjali Deshmukh, Sunita S. Mukhi, Roshani Thakore and Project For Empty Space.

“On Saturday, September 28th from 12-6pm Swati will present her Scrolling Texts project. With a red cigarette girl style tray, she will walk around and elevate passersby’s SMS messages from the banal to the sublime. By transcribing the text onto vellum and tying the scroll with a sacred red thread, an ephemeral message is transformed into a precious object.”

Directions and hours are availabe at the Dumbo Arts Festival website. Please go to SAWCC for more information on the exhibition and the mission of SAWCC.

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