Hindustan Times Article on the Pill

“The Pill comes to town.”

When launched in 1960 in the US, many controversies surrounded it. But the contraceptive pill, popularly know as the Pill, sailed through all the obstacles and has completed its 50 years.

To celebrate its Golden Jubilee anniversary, a group exhibition called The Pill is starting in the city next month in Latitude 28, a gallery in Lado Sarai. It will display art works, including photographs and installations

“The show’s idea came to me earlier this year. I was in New York and going through a stack of magazines when I saw the cover of the Time Magazine that read The Pill. It was a kind of birthday tribute, marking 50 years of easy and accessible birth control. I was immediately struck by the iconicity of the word,” says Avni Doshi, the show’s curator.

The exhibition will feature artists such as Kaif Ghaznavi, Abir Karmaka, Ayesha Durrani, Swati Khurana and Sarnath Banerjee. Photographers Vito Turmarello and Tazeen Qayyum will show their works for the first time in India.

“I also wanted male artists in the show. It was important as I do not think the Pill is just about the lives of women,” says Doshi. “The goal was to complicate the way we look at the Pill.”

“The Pill is seeped in the residue of politics, health, and authority over our bodies,” says Bhavna Kakar, the gallery’s director. “It’s about a woman’s right to freedom and love, I hope to bring together artists of different sexes, ages and interests.”

For Vito Tumbarello, his work, Chloe, is an attempt to capture the essence of someone who is neither straight nor gay, but queer.
“My parents encouraged me to be myself. I identify myself as queer,” he says.

The exhibition will open next month. All the works exhibited in the show will be available sale.

When: January 22 onwards Where: Latitude 28, F-208, Lado Sarai

Hindustan Times (HT City), December 21, 2010

Hindustan Times (HT City), December 21, 2010