“First Comes Love” Bollywood Mash-ups

In a typical Bollywood film, the hero and heroine fall in-love and when the sexual tension builds to the point of a kiss, the couple elaborately lip-synchs as they cross time, space and costume continuums. And usually, the film ends when they get married to immigrants, Bollywood films become something else. They become a lifeline to India–what we remember or never knew existed. They also became a way for me to define an essentialized, melodramatic, fantasy-based culture as a cornerstone of my identity. As I think back on these films on the small screen in the early 1980s, I often wonder, where does Bollywood end and MTV begin? In the confusion of that zeitgeist, I created mash-up soundtracks—where elements of different pre-existing pieces of music are combined to make new songs. Dreamscapes are created by using clips from several different movies and overlaying original footage to create textured nostalgia for a place and time that never was.

Purest Magic (2006, RT 3:19)

Love and desire become a metaphor for alien abduction as rays of light illuminate and attempt to capture our hero and heroine.

Sometime Sometime (2008. RT 4:03)

Pluming fish proudly swim though a sea of latent desire, unhinged by the glitter and the glitz of the Venetian canal and the Eiffel Tower.

Good Touch, Bad Touch (2006, RT 2:29)

The loaded, and sometimes lusty, touches and glances are juxtaposed with a merry-go-round, revealing those childhood touches that are permissible and those that remain hidden.

Sweetest Hangover (2006, RT 3:19)

The original disco diva, Zeenat Aman, is the guide into the worlds where Aged film, reflections of sun in the water become film flickers.