Swati Khurana published in The Weeklings journal

Swati Khurana had an essay about motherhood, her own grapes of wrath, and the baby-industrial complex, published in the journal “The Weeklings”

Frida Kahlo, My Nurse and I, 1937 – about which she said: “I am in my nurse’s arms, with the face of a grownup woman and the body of a little girl, while milk falls from her nipples as if from the heavens.”

Swati Khurana in OfNote Magazine

Swati Khurana was profiled by Misha McGlown in OfNote Magazine.

Swati Khurana on Rituals, Resistance, and Assimilation


A bit from the article: “The bird cages appear almost pantheonic. One can only imagine if they are meant to protect memories, prevent them from flying away, or if they represent a sense of captivity in which one is held to enduring customs. This is where Swati’s work, at once, celebrates, questions and examines those rituals and traditions carried over from former lives and binding immigrant communities.”


Essay by Swati Khurana Featured in SAMAR

Like many artists, Swati Khurana was deeply devastated by the horrific rape and eventual death of a young student in Delhi, in December 2012. She joined other artists and activists, through the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC), in “Freedom Safety Now”—a protest and action in front of the Indian Consulate in NYC.

In an essay for the South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection, Swati Khurana discusses her letterpress posters, typography in social movements, and harnassing outrage toward social change.


Essay by Swati Khurana Featured in Bloom

In an essay for the literary website Bloom, Swati Khurana leads the reader through her letter-writing life, and the work it has produced. Giving personal anecdotal context to many of her recent works, from the 2008 series “10 Years Later” to her current on-going project “Scrolling Texts,” Khurana explores the written word from the letter, the note, the text message, and how we communicate with each other.