DevOtional Pages

do_oprah-ipods do_triptych do_oprah-cars

devOtional pages In ‘devOtional pages,’ Oprah is represented as the four-armed Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity, and from her many arms spill her bounty — ipods, cars, jewels, books. The series features hand-cut, hand-drawn collages in adorned wooden frames. The work is influenced by different forms of devotional image-making that exist at the intersection of folk, popular & religious cultures—Mexican Day-of-the-Dead dioramas and Hindu devotional pin-ups. Another influence on the work are retablo, traditional Mexican miracle paintings.  In my reimaginings, scenes of Oprah spreading her bounty are in fact, scenes of miracles.

This project explores contemporary manifestations of spirituality, outside of public, official spaces and inside domestic shrines and altars with handmade objects, tchotchkes, and, in the case of India and Mexico, often televisions, as these altars are tucked into corners, tables or shelves in living rooms.  As the sources of spirituality become more eclectic, so do individual spiritual practices.

In many ways, Oprah is seen as both a figure who trumps society’s expectations for someone from her racial and class background, and as just another corporate icon. Without making a definitive statement on the Oprah’s mass appeal, ‘devOtional Objects’ seeks to portray the ecstasy in moments of conspicuous consumption and the sublimity of the popular.